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the challenge

FieldTurf was facing interruptions with their in-person guided factory tours due to the pandemic. Offering tours of its factory is an important part of its sales process. The challenge was to create an interactive and engaging tour that can be accessed remotely by their potential customers while highlighting their process and technology as a leader in turf manufacturing. 

the solution

We delivered an interactive virtual tour filmed using 360 videography, on location in Georgia, AT, of FieldTurf’s different stations within their manufacturing plant. A voice-over offers a descriptive narration and provides a guided tour of their facility while integrated touchpoints allow the audience to explore at their own leisure and learn more about FieldTruf’s production process. The 360 virtual video tour is hosted online and can be shared with their prospects anytime anywhere.   

What we did

360º Videography

Virtual Video Tour Hosted Online  

Voice-over & Narration 

Integrated Touch Points

Drone Filming   


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It was important to produce a virtual tour that was shot in live-action to accurately depict FieldTurf’s manufacturing process. 360 videography allows us to see the process unfold in motion within an immersive tour that the audience can explore around in detail.




This virtual tour can easily be embedded on your company website, is accessible 24/7, and can be gated to gather analytics. The content can be viewed comfortably through any device so teams have the flexibility to share the tour with their clientele and can even be displayed using VR goggles. Your virtual tour is available offline so you can bring it to different events like trade shows to use to support your demos and talk about your product or services. 

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